Where do I get my recipe “inspiration”?

You may notice….I post a lot of recipes.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times, learning to COOK healthy meals is a huge part of being healthy.  Yes, you can order take-out and do pretty good.  But you can do much better if you learn to cook a few simple, easy and healthy meals that your whole family will eat.  Then, the occasional, or weekly, take-out and “out to eat” balances things out a bit.

I thought I’d post where I get some of my recipe inspiration.  Yes I post recipes, lots of recipes.  What you may have also noticed, most of them are not my creations….but rather ones I got from somewhere else.  I always give credit to the recipe creator but hope you’ll see something that inspires you to get in the kitchen and cook for your family :).

My goal is to inspire you with:

#1 – healthy….or healthier versions of something people love.

#2 – simple (or let’s be real, we’ll never make it).

#3 – family friendly.  My kids have to eat it or I probably won’t post it.

Here are a few of my favorite recipe sites where I draw my inspiration – I’ve included links to some of my favorites!

HC TIP: Start with a vegetarian recipe then add some animal protein if you wish.  This makes the vegetables the “star” of your meal (cutting calories, fat, and bad cholesterol down dramatically).

skinnytaste.com – love love love love her recipes.  Great makeovers of classic dishes that are typically low cal, low fat and fairly simple.  She also has a great FB page you can follow. Late Summer Vegetable Enchilada Pie

skinnyms.com – another great recipe site.  I’ve shared this “lean & green” recipe before and gotten a ton of good reviews! Asian Ground Chicken Cups

allrecipes.com – put in an ingredient and VOILA, tons of choices 🙂

cookieandkate.com – whole food and vegetarian/vegan food blog.  Gorgeous, easy to follow recipes.  So many I haven’t yet tried but I do love the Baked Blueberry Oatmeal.

chocolatecoveredkatie – yummy, sweet  clean eating treats made with surprising ingredients.  LOVE her <3 Try her famous “no flour” Black Bean Brownies for fun and see if your family even notices… mine didn’t!

ohmyveggies.com – another vegetarian food blog with tons of great recipes and beautiful photos. Try the General Tso’s (not chicken) Veggie Bowl, it’s a crowd pleaser.

pinchofyum.com – a wide variety of recipes, beautiful photos and easy to follow directions.  Try this Best Easy Honey Lemon Chicken – the whole family will love it (and it IS easy!!)

minimalistbaker.com – another beautiful food blog and most recipes are 10 ingredients or less.  Yep. Asian Quinoa Salad is oh so good….plenty of plant protein but delicious with some grilled chicken as well. 🙂

I can’t neglect to mention Wildtree’s amazing recipe finder at wildtree.com/recipes.  I’m a rep for the company because they have amazing culinary spices and blends that are CLEAN….and the recipe finder gives me lots of inspiration.  To to wildtree.com – recipes – enter whatever spice you have and there are a zillion different recipes you can use it on.  SCORE. My shopping site here

You can also follow my PINTEREST boards, I try to continually update them with lots of different recipes I find online.  The CHL (Cheerful Healthy Life) ones are put together to follow my “Healthy, Simple & Family Friendly” goal for recipe sharing.

Hope this inspires you.

Love –


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