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What’s all the fuss about detoxing?

Have you ever wondered….what’s all the fuss about detoxing?
Let me give you the lowdown….

Detoxing has become a popular way for people to:

  • restore their health 
  • jumpstart their metabolism 
  • lose weight
  • kick off a clean-eating program

And when done right, detoxing does a great job of helping you achieve those goals.

As long as it’s the RIGHT kind of detox… the one I offer that uses only WHOLE & REAL FOODS to reset your system, and your tastebuds.

Additionally, as you’ve heard me talk a bit about INTUITIVE EATING….detoxing can be a great way to set the groundwork for a year of un-dieting success.

And while healthy eating (and/or detoxing) should not feel like an exercise in depriving yourself…nearly all programs include refraining from one main foodthat may be the cause of many of the symptoms people suffer from most – tired, heavy, moody, headaches, congestion, itchiness, and stomach upset issues of one kind or another.

That one food is sugar.

Consuming sugar does more than cause weight gain; it causes inflammation, a storage of belly fat, and spikes in your blood sugar that create a roller-coaster effect: it provides a burst of energy, but then it depletes your energy, so you crave MORE sugar.

The more you eat…the more you want.

And the effect of SUGAR on your body makes it nearly impossible to lose weight or reduce your symptoms.

Like most of us, you may have over-indulged a bit during the holiday season.


Have you been feeling more sluggish or achy than usual? Has your stomach been upset for days (weeks or years!)? Do you suffer from headaches, heartburn, or have trouble sleeping? Do you feel like your clothes have shrunk? Do you want to get back on track, feel and look fabulous and have more confidence? Would you love to fit into your skinny jeans?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be interested in my upcoming 21-day Sugar Detox Group!!

Yep, I’m running another group.  As a Certified Holistic Health Coach & 21-day Sugar Detox Coach, I have SEEN the power of this program.

I work to help my clients learn how to LISTEN to their bodies.

My goal is to work with those who desire to make eating healthy a “normal” part of life.

But the reality is, MOST EVERYONE NEEDS A RESET.

And the 21day Sugar Detox WORKS.

If you’re READY to kick some bad habits and get back on track, I’d love to have you join us.

SPECIAL PRICING (That’s right….DISCOUNTS!!) for the next week or so (through 1/8)!!  CLICK HERE to read more and sign up.

AND – new for 2018?? I am now offering some 60 & 90 day PRIVATE COACHING OPTIONS to continue your success after the 21DSD (limited availability).

Reply to this email to set up your FREE STRATEGY SESSION.

If you’ve wanted to work with me before, but the 6-month time commitment scared you….this could be perfect for you.

Cliff Notes version….here you go!
(it’s ok, we’re all busy)…

  • 21DSD Virtual Group forming NOW (all from your computer)
  • Pre-detox week begins 1/15 and begin the 21DSD as a group on 1/22
  • Includes 30 days of Group Coaching and unlimited access to Coach Angela during this time
  • Includes access to Angela’s 21DSD Private FB Group (FB Lives, daily posting, live cooking demonstrations, give-away’s and prizes to help keep you motivated!)
  • Includes 4 webinars to help you stay on track
  • Includes BONUS Post-Detox Information Session to help you continue your success after the 21 days!
  • Special Pricing through 1/8! 
  • NEW 60 & 90 day PRIVATE COACHING options to help you after our detox is completed!
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