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The summer of 2014 is when I broke my soda habit….

This pic cracks me up….so long ago, back when I drank Pepsi (prob 1999 or so) haha!

Let me tell you how my soda habit happened….

And then how I broke it.

I used to love my Pepsi’s…even though I’ve grown up in GA I never did love Coke. After I had Kelsey (10yrs ago) and I was trying to lose some weight….I went back on Weight Watchers and diet soda was “free”.

SO, I switched to DIET Pepsi and that is when I started going with all the “diet” stuff. I bought sugar free syrups, sugar free jello, sugar free popsicles and Equal for my coffee….you name it.

Even a couple of years ago, when I began to realize how bad aspartame was for me, I had a hard time with the soda habit. I would “allow” myself to have one day.

No more.

Then I weaned myself down and let myself just have one or two a week. I would buy the large bottles (16oz maybe?) and drink some, then put it back in the fridge and have a little at a time. I would stretch it out to last a few days….figured that was better for me….I was rationing it out, not drinking as much.

Then, one day, while on vacation in Orlando, I’ll never forget. I had bought a Diet Pepsi (the large one) at the store and was drinking it at the pool. I jokingly said to Rick (who has next to NEVER drank soda)…..

“sooooo…..should I enjoy my yummy soda all at once? or sip on it throughout this week?”

I was honestly quite proud I had cut it back to only 1 or 2 a week.

He looked at me and said (I’ll never forget)

“You know the problem? You’ve somehow made Diet Pepsi a “treat” in your mind….something you feel like you get to have on special occasions instead of thinking of it like it really is….poison”.

Poison. He was right.

I was making the choice to poison myself, and not only that, somehow I had elevated it in my mind as something special to enjoy. Some kind of special treat I actually CRAVED so I would ALLOW myself to have one ever so often.

Instead of really owning it for what it was – a terrible habit that was…quite literally, poisoning me.

That was a huge part of the mind shift that began my clean eating journey. From soda, to HFCS, to all artificial sweeteners, to preservatives, to other types of fake and toxic products that have been added to our “foods”.  Honestly, the poison that was my Pepsi, is really where it started.  That is where I began looking at the foods I ate, and the foods I fed my kids, and wondering….was I giving them something good for them? Or, inadvertently, poisoning them and feeding them chemicals?

That moment has stuck with me, and I’ve never had a soda since. Not only that, I have had ZERO urge or craving for it again.

The “habit” was broke when I shifted my mind into thinking about it differently.

That was the summer of 2014.

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