Spring Webinar Guest?? EEEeeeek!

Guest Speaker? (eeek!!)

“Inspired Living”  Spring Equinox Webinar

I’m so excited to have been asked to speak on an upcoming webinar hosted by my friend Cristin Zegers! Cristin is a Life Coach, Feng Shui and Aromatherapist Expert who is hosting a Spring Webinar to “inspire new beginnings”….doesn’t that sound beautiful?
As Spring itself inspires us to start fresh and new, I will be speaking about what I am an expert in… how to listen to what foods your body is asking for as the warm weather and new season arrives.
I do believe our bodies naturally sync and crave what comes from the earth during this time of year.  Have you noticed that with warm spring weather you tend to crave more salads and fresh vegetables, in the summer more fruits and during the fall and winter we crave warming foods like root vegetables, soups and hearty fats?  This seasonal eating theory comes from an ancient practice called Ayurvedic medicine that recommends eating foods during the time they are harvested to keep your body in balance.
If you think about this…even on the most basic level, it makes sense that you would eat what it is in season, and hopefully locally grown…right? Although here in the US many kinds of “fresh” (fresh?) fruits and vegetables are available to us at all times of the year but eating what is local and in season is always my first choice and recommendation.
AND…if I’m listening to what my body craves, it is usually in alignment with this.

I’m excited to share more on the webinar –

Monday, 3/20 at 12:00 noon EST

Click here to join us (must register here to receive details as well as the recording link if you cannot join us live) .

Read more about it by clicking the photo below.  Can’t wait, I hope you’ll join us!

In love & health,

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