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Sneaky tips to help you not overeat!

Let’s talk holidays.  Thanksgiving.  Turkey.  Desserts.

Weight gain.


Statistics are overwhelming when you look at how many people gain weight this time year….and then, when the New Year rolls around it takes them 60 days (SIXTY!!) to get BACK to where they were.

No no no no no – this does not have to be you.

I’m going to share a few tips today to help you “trick” yourself a bit.  These are things I personally use to help myself not go overboard.

Even if you’re not on a weight loss plan, isn’t it just MISERABLE when you eat so much your tummy hurts and your joints ache the next day??  Then you are KICKING yourself for going overboard?  We’ve all done it.

So HOW can you trick yourself into eating a bit less when everyone else is STUFFING themselves?  

BTW – eating “less” doesn’t mean completely depriving yourself of your favorite foods.  It just means being more mindful, creating some personal guidelines and savoring every bite.

Try a few of these:

  • start your day off right!! Plan an easy workout, walk, Turkey Trot or weight routine so you know you’ve done SOMETHING right!  (BONUS: start a new family tradition where you all get up and do a 5K, fun run or activity where you spend time together!)
  • EAT – don’t “starve” yourself until the “big meal”.  Try to have a HEALTHY breakfast (and lunch?) so you aren’t sitting down with a growling tummy.  It’s easier to make healthy choices this way.
  • WATER – I know I know…I talk water all the time but seriously…..HYDRATE. Again, easier to make better choices and it fills you up so you don’t eat as much.  I personally try to have a glass of water before coffee, another before my 2nd cup (haha), and a big glass BEFORE any food or meals (and between glasses of wine).
  • bring a healthy option to dinner.  People will appreciate this!! (see easy roasted green bean recipe blow).
  • skip the alcohol completely.  Typically a few glasses of wine, a bloody mary or other cocktail will only push you to eat MORE than you want as you lose your inhibitions and you end up with a “who cares” attitude.
  • when looking over the Thanksgiving spread, find the protein and “healthier” veggie sides first.  Fill your plate to 75% with these items and leave the other 25% for your splurges
  • research has shown that 90% of the satisfaction you get from eating something you love comes in the first THREE BITES.  That’s right.  So what if you put only 3 bites of your unhealthy favorites on your plate? This would amount to about 3 tablespoons.
  • Choose a smaller plate to eat on and FILL IT (vs filling the larger plate….)
  • give yourself a “no seconds” rule (perfect for my weight loss clients).  Eat what you love, but only one plate of it (and it must be mixed with lots of healthy veggies & protein).
  • enjoy dessert….just make sure it’s worth the calories.  If there are lots of things you like take a small sliver of each.  Use only ONE dessert plate and definitely stick with the NO SECONDS rule here.
  • If you eat your big meal later in the day try to keep the same rules for late eating…. no eating 4 hours before bed.  If it’s a mid-day meal try to choose only protein/veggies for your dinner to keep it lighter.
  • only take home leftovers of the healthier items
  • on Friday….back to regular programming.  If you’re logging, practicing mindful eating, having no sugar….whatever your healthy diet looks like, get back to it.
  • LOG IT – if you’re one of those that do better when you know your limits and how many calories are in certain things, then log everything you eat.  It’s tedious but seeing that your meal is over 1,000 calories usually DOES change how much you eat.  HINT: You can also try logging it BEFORE the big day so you have an idea of what it is ahead of time.
  • find a buddy!! Is your sister-in-law also trying to be healthier? Do you have a healthy aunt who seems to always just “naturally” eat well? Tell them you’re trying to make good choices, listen to hear how they are tackling it and do it together.  Healthy groups and buddies make all the difference (BTW stay tuned for info on my January 21-day Sugar Detox groups!).

There are only a few of these holiday meals in the next 35 days (Thanksgiving through New Years day).    

Actually I like to look at the calendar and add them up…..

  1. Thanksgiving
  2. Christmas Eve
  3. Christmas Day
  4. New Years Eve
  5. New Years Day
  6. Party #1
  7. Party #2

35 days till January 2, 2020 – 7 big meals, parties or holidays = 28 days of healthy eating.

So, at the most… days of “stuff”  where you may overshoot your calories.

But TWENTY EIGHT DAYS of regular healthy eating.

C’mon, you can do this!! No reason to gain a single pound and honestly….no reason you can’t still lose weight.  Seriously.  

Healthy living and eating doesn’t have to be hard.

I believe in you.

Love & health,

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