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My top 5 Thanksgiving tips & Recipe Roundup!

It’s hard to believe we’re already talking about the holidays….Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years….SNOW!?!?

Well, not really snow here in the ATL but cooler weather for sure (FINALLY!)

As we begin Thanksgiving week I want to remind you.

You are in control. 👊👊👊

Even though it may not always feel like it.

Sometimes…what should be a wonderful time with family or friends…. turns into a busy and stressful time where you end up eating badly and getting less sleep than normal.

BUT, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are a few TIPS that I have seen WORK.  If not for my clients, then maybe for myself.

So how to we take on this busy and/or stressful week….and survive?

We commit to a few simple things that can make a big difference.

Here you go!

#1 – My favorite one….the Thanksgiving pre-tox!Yes, this is just like it sounds…not a “detox” but a pre-holiday pre-tox!! How do we eat before the big Turkey day to help us feel GOOD?? Well this is really a few tips rolled into one 🙂

  • eat breakfast every day this week….actually, eat ALL your meals.  No skipping allowed!
  • stay hydrated.  Make a point to drink plenty of water all week!
  • if weight loss is your goal – no desserts before the big day….then, plan out what you will be enjoying on Thanksgiving!! Is it pie? Cake? Or maybe it’s something savory like grandma’s famous stuffing? Well you deserve all of these things….in moderation.  Yep.  Pick your treat, and enjoy it on that day alone.
  • get moving this week!! No, you can’t work off a huge 3,000 calorie feast.  BUT.  If you get in some exercise this week you will find you FEEL healthier, and you will in turn make better choices on the big day (really!)

#2 – Choose WHOLE & REAL FOOD based dishes!! 🍗 Skip the processed items and enjoy more of the real thing!! If your mom makes the best apple pie in the world, you need a slice!! But if they thaw a frozen one, skip it.  Make your choices be worth it! (I’m thinking you would skip the green bean casserole made with Cream of Mushroom soup….just a guess lol).

#3 – Don’t eat it just because it’s there….not that you would do that. 🙄 Choose foods that you LOVE, and enjoy every bite.  Many times the Thanksgiving table is filled with foods you don’t even normally love.  If this is true, SKIP the ones that don’t make your mouth water!

#4 – Start Thanksgiving day with a healthy breakfast and don’t skip your regular supplements if you take them!! Fill your tummy with something delicious and healthy to get your day started off right – oatmeal is my breakfast of choice!  Talk about filling you up and holding you over! Eating something like this will keep you from overeating later and skipping ANYTHING only makes it feel like a “day off” of health….and that is never the case.  Health is something you choose every day.

#5 – Try to make at least one new HEALTHY side dish to add to the fun (check out my healthy recipe roundup list below!).  What if, instead of that Green Bean Casserole (I’m from the South y’all – seems like this is a thing for some reason), you make a side of roasted veggies or maybe a new salad? Instead of the calorie filled sweet potato casserole you could try a sweet potato mash? There are great ideas out there.  It doesn’t mean you don’t have your families traditional meals… you just try to ADD a few new healthy things to the table as well.

BONUS TIP – you’re welcome? The 2 TBSP rule: OK, this is really the best one.  Did you know that 90% of the satisfaction from any food or craving can be totally taken care of in two tablespoons?? YEP.  If you are still crazy tempted to just EAT until you are stuffed….try this instead.  Try filling your plate with the lean turkey, veggies and salads.  THEN….add two tablespoons of each of the unhealthy foods that you are dying to have (remember, you must really love and want these foods).  Two tablespoons….that is more than two bites if you are mindful and not just stuffing it in.  Eat those two tablespoons and SAVOR every bite.  Every single bite.  You will find, you can be satisfied even though you didn’t have a lot.  THIS is the key to helping you with your weight loss and health goals and not completely blowing it even while enjoying some added treats on the big day.

Herb Roasted Turkey – Eating Well

Garlic Sweet Potato Mash – Skinny Taste

Beautiful Brussels Sprouts – Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman
Cauliflower Stuffing –
Homemade Turkey Bone Broth – Kettle & Fire
Healthier Green Bean Casserole – Gimme Some
Rosemary Roasted Potatoes –
Vegan Creamed Corn –
Guess what , practical living tips are what I specialize in.

Health….without stress.

The idea is to help HEALTHY become a “normal” part of life.

This is how I help my 1:1 and Group clients see results without counting calories or doing any kind of crazy diet plan.Together we map out their plan, and figure out how they will be able to see the results they are looking for.

Studies show that people are twice as likely to reach their goals when they work one-on-one with a coach!

And this time of year is a GREAT time to focus on YOU – seriously, let’s get some basic work done before the “new year/new you” motivation kicks in (it will).

What if you were able to start your New Year ahead of the game (instead of 7-11lbs heavier)?


Honestly, this is THE BEST TIME to get started because my 1:1 clients have access to my groups and 21 Day Sugar Detox groups FOR FREE ($497 value). That means when January rolls around you can join my Winter group & New Year 21DSD at no charge.
SEND ME  an email to set up your FREE DISCOVERY CONSULT. Let’s chat to see if working with me could be a fit!  I’m very selective about those I work with….I want to work with those who understand my style and who I think are ready to create real, long-term change.  If I don’t think you’ll see results or really feel the benefit, I’ll let you know.
You know this “being healthy” thing? It doesn’t have to be hard.
Love & Health,
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