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I eat whatever I want….

…and I have to admit….it is so nice.

After years of meal planning, portion controlling and mitigating damages after a weekend of eating, it is SO nice to not think about it so much.

I know I know…..enough already, right? I do eat whatever I want.  I don’t log my food.  I don’t count calories. WHAT the heck!! Do you know what’s even nicer than being able to eat anything and everything you want?

The fact that what I “want” isn’t all that bad….the fact that what I want is pretty darn HEALTHY (most of the time).

Now I know, if you have a very specific goal….or truly want those 6-pack abs….then what I do isn’t for you.  You need a trainer.

My private clients are the type of people that just want to be HEALTHY.  They just want to LIVE a healthy life and enjoy food (and chocolate) without stressing about it.

And THAT, my friends, is the point, truly it is.  The key to true FREEDOM around food is learning how to create a life that CRAVES and DESIRES healthy foods (more than unhealthy foods!).  That is what a Health Coach helps you do.

A desire to eat healthy MOST of the time.  Not because you HAVE to.  Not because your program or diet dictates you to, but because you really WANT to.

To create a life that enjoys eating vegetables.  To create a life that enjoys eating a wide variety of NUTRITIONALLY dense and HEALTHY foods….just because.

To create a life that enjoys the occasional cupcake, chocolate chip cookie, wine or ice cream….without guilt.  You can enjoy those things because you know you eat good most of the time, it’s no biggie.

Aren’t you tired of trying SO HARD to “get” to your healthy weight? What happens when you get there….are you then, officially, “healthy”? Nope.  That is the problem with dieting.  You do something until you get the result….and then it starts coming back.  It starts creeping back on.  It gets out of control again and before you know it….you’re looking for the next diet to try.


When you look through my website, and you look at the “My Approach” you’ll notice I have a different outlook than I did a few years ago.  You may notice I have changed the way I look at dieting.  Food. Weight.  And that dang SCALE.  Urggg…..that scale.  I’ve had quite the tumultuous relationship with the scale over the years.  Loved it when I was where I wanted to be.  Hated it when it was up.

My old weight loss consultation sounded something like this:

Tell me what you’ve been doing to lose weight.  What worked before?  Lets look at the BMI chart so we can come up with a healthy goal for your age and weight.   What is your “dream” weight? When was the last time you were there? Do you eat 6x/day? How much would you like to lose to feel healthy again?

My new health consultation is a little more like this:

Tell me a little about your dieting history and how you feel about food right now.  How do you feel about your body and your weight? What is your biggest health concern right now? What do you see a roadblock or struggle right now? Do you regularly diet? If you gained a lot of weight, do you know why? Do you know what “eating clean” is? Do you enjoy a wide variety of foods? Do you eat fruits & vegetables? Do you like to exercise? What kinds of food did you eat as a kid? What kinds of foods to you enjoy now? Do you cook at all? What do you wish you could eat but you keep yourself from having? When do you feel the healthiest? What does your sleep look like now? How is the stress at your job? How do you think that affects your food choices?

Do you see a difference? Do you see how an approach like this is really quite different than focusing on the “weight” part of health? Truly yes….weight is an indicator of how healthy you are.  But, if you’re doing healthy things.  Eating healthy foods.  Cooking healthy dinners. Enjoying healthy movement.  Creating healthy habits.  Aren’t you in fact “healthy”? Maybe you can still get healthier, but if you’re doing healthy things, all of THAT…all of the stuff that shows you’re healthy (blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, stress, etc….), all of THAT, will work itself out.  And at the end of the day, you know that you are doing the right things.  And, over time, you’re learning how to be healthy forever….and the results happen naturally.

Have you seen those stories about obese people who truly changed their life by just waking up one day and making a change? I just read one the other day (here it is) and it is SO INSPIRING!!  One day they decided they HAD to do something so they started.  It was small at first.  It was walking the dog once/day.  It was reading labels and choosing fruit over crackers for a snack.  But what happens is the compound effect of ALL those small healthy things make BIG CHANGES in the long term.  But, here’s the thing….it’s hard.  Most people either don’t know what to do, or don’t have enough confidence it will work out to stick with something for the long term.  That is where a Health Coach can really help.

That is what I do.  I help people create a healthy EVERYDAY life.  The changes aren’t huge at first but over time, during our 6-months together, you will see changes.  You will see weight loss (while enjoying a chocolate chip cookie once in a while).  You will see improvements in how you feel.  You will learn what to choose when you go out to eat.  You will learn what a healthy portion size is. You will try a few new things…and you will find a few new healthy things you LIKE to eat.  You will learn strategies to manage your stress.  You won’t feel guilty about an evening glass of wine.


And your body will thank you.

Are you ready to learn how to eat clean and be healthy….without weighing? Are you ready create a life of HEALTH that you will live every. single. day?  Are you ready to step OFF the scale and live a life of FREEDOM around your food choices?

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NOTE: if you want super hot 6 pack abs… and crazy defined muscular body, I have some friends I’m happy to hook you up with….that’s not what I’m all about.  Send me a message and I’ll get you a referral to one of “those” exerciser type people :).

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