FACT: Once I learned to throw away the scale


I’ve talked a little bit about how the scale REALLY did run my life….

Literally…..FOR YEARS

Weekly weigh-ins were how I determined that I’d had a successful week…or I didn’t.

I thought this was smart.

I was “staying on top of it” so it didn’t get away from me.  No one wants to go “live life” and a few weeks later have trouble zipping up their jeans….

I get it.  No fun.

<sigh> I’ve totally been there….

Here is the part about that statement that just doesn’t work for me anymore.

The part that makes my health coach heart just CRINGE…..

That part that says “No one wants to GO LIVE LIFE” and then…what feels like suddenly, realize they’ve gained weight.



Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?? LIVE LIFE?

I don’t want to have to always worry about gaining weight.  Or not fitting into my clothes.  I just want to LIVE.

For many many MANY years…I had no idea it was truly possible.

Because for many, many, MANY years I was emotionally tied to my twice weekly weigh in.

Because for man, many MANY years…..that was how I thought I was supposed to manage it.

It confirmed that I had will power.

Confirmed I was doing everything “right”.

Until one day, I realized what was happening.  I realized that this one tiny thing (okay, maybe it was a little more than a tiny thing….), really was controlling my LIFE.

It was affecting how I LIVED.

So after I stopped…after I decided to LIVE and not worry about the scale…I FINALLY felt freedom.

You see, I could talk all day about how I didn’t diet….I didn’t believe it was a “diet” because I wasn’t actively doing a “diet”.  But “diet” is, and really should be, a generic way to talk about how you eat.

Currently my “diet” is one where I eat what I want.  It’s one full of mostly plant foods and whole grains.  Coffee….REAL food , very little processed foods and….the occasional sweet treat (my weakness).

Oh yes….and red wine a few nights a week.

This diet is one of health.  One that means I don’t HAVE to worry about my weight or my clothes fitting.

One that keeps me HEALTHY.  Because it IS healthy.

That is what I LOVE about what I do now.  As a Holistic Health Coach I LOVE helping my clients learn how to eat clean, love food, get back in their kitchen, create mindfulness around mealtimes and enjoy what they eat.

And zip up their jeans again 😉

You know what….I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how you can live this way.

I’m going to share with you EXACTLY how you can live your own WHOLE FOOD LIFE….how you can:

  • lose weight
  • increase energy
  • feel better
  • increase digestion
  • eat more whole foods

Join me on my upcoming LIVE webinar – read more and SAVE YOUR SPOT here!  I’ll share with you the SECRETS I share with my private clients so they can live a life of HEALTH….eating food they love….without counting calories, points or carbs (I’ve done all those things before too).

Health is possible.  Join me and I’ll share how!









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