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If you’re just looking around, checking out my site….and want to see a little more about what I’m about, then enjoy one of my FREEBIES.  

I provide these to you because I know everyone has to start somewhere.

Everyone can be healthy.

Everyone DESERVES to feel good.

Let’s focus on the LIVING part of life, and learn how to eat and be healthy while doing that.

No more diets.  


Hopefully one of these will get you started.

Love & Health –


It’s the new year….for many that means New Year Resolutions and the true desire to make big changes in our lives (and health).

Download my free guide and enjoy – Five HEALTHY HABITS for the New Year.

You can be healthier this year.  I believe in you.

Do the holidays send you BACKWARDS in your health goals? They don’t have to! In this webinar I will share with you:

  • The THREE biggest mistakes women make that sabotage their health goals during the holidays.
  • My 10 TIPS to help you get through the season without weight gain and without guilt!

With 8+ years of weight loss coaching experience I know what works…and what doesn’t! I’ll share with you some of the secrets I share with my private clients to help them stay successful during a busy and tempting season.

While we’re talking about the stresses of a busy season….what if I told you IT DOESN’T EVEN MATTER what you eat or drink during a party? Really it doesn’t.  It’s really more about what you eat BEFORE & AFTER the big events on your calendar.  This mini “Day After” Detox will help you get back on track if you DO accidentally overindulge  (not that you’d ever do that, right?).

You’ve heard BREAKFAST is the most important meal of the day…do you have a few “go to” ideas for those rushed and crazy mornings?  Here are five ideas that will hopefully INSPIRE you to start your day off right!

I ran my first FREE ONLINE challenge recently…and it was a huge success!  I’ll be doing it again….stay tuned.  In this challenge I provide for you SEVEN days of breakfasts, lunches, dinners AND snacks! TONS of great tips and info for you to get started right on your CLEAN EATING journey.



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