If you’ve spent any time talking to me about healthy then you know I encourage everyone to get back in the kitchen and learn how to cook WHOLE & REAL foods.  Your health, and the health of your family, can be greatly improved by learning how to prepare fresh foods instead of always eating on the run.

That being said, it’s tough.  In today’s world where homework, sports and after school activities have us running kids all over the place (not to mention working moms who don’t get home until late) it’s hard to always do this.  Wildtree has Freezer Meal Workshops that can be a huge help for those busy mama’s out there.  Shoot me an email if you want to discuss different options that are available or plug into one of the workshops I offer.

I began using Wildtree because I had a personal need.  A personal need for HEALTHY convenience…Wildtree totally filled that need for me.  Their products have no added ingredients and if you’re a CRAZY LABEL READER (like I am!) you’ll appreciate being able to read the ingredient label.   Truly you’ll know everything that is in every product.

Wildtree truly makes cooking healthy foods at home….SIMPLE.  

EverlyWell At-Home Health Testing