These are a few of my favorite products that I recommend to my clients (and friends) regularly.  Please note – these are affiliate links.

Do you eat enough fruits & vegetables? What if I told you there was a simple way to get in 45 fruits/vegetables each day….all in a single capsule or gummy?  Even better…you could get it all in for about $4/day!  Juice Plus has been around for years an has the scientific studies to back up what they offer.  There are very few companies that I feel are in complete alignment with my mission to help my women and families eat more WHOLE REAL FOODS….and Juice Plus does exactly that.

My family takes their Juice Plus every morning and I’d say we eat pretty good.  But, no matter how good you eat the assurance that we are getting in that much needed nutrition is huge for me.  I don’t believe our nation needs more supplements.  I believe, as a country, we are WHOLE FOOD deficient.  Everything you body needs can be found in fruits and vegetables….but it’s hard to get it all in, especially in our fast paced world.

Taking our Juice Plus each day helps bridge the gap between what we NEED to eat, and what we actually DO eat.

Beginning 9/1 all private clients of mine will receive their first shipment (4-months) of Juice Plus as a part of my coaching package.  I believe that strongly in it.  If you are willing to commit to working 1:1 with me, increasing your nutrition, and implementing new habits and routines, then Juice Plus falls right in line with what we are doing and will help you body get everything it needs to THRIVE.

*By the way, kids get their Juice Plus FOR FREE with each adult order! BONUS! You can check out my JP website CoachAngelaB.com for more information or contact me directly and I’m happy to help get you set up!

EverlyWell At-Home Health Testing

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