Eat clean? Who has time for that?

Clean eating….sounds great in theory right?

You may even completely 100% agree….

It makes perfect sense to only eat foods that either

a) don’t have a label or

b) have ingredients you can pronounce.

BUT….let’s get real.

You’re busy.

Maybe you work full-time…either out of the house or at home with the kiddos!

You’re shuffling kids around all day or you don’t get home until after 6 and the idea of spending an hour or more cutting, chopping, and preparing dinner… just sounds like more WORK.

Well my friends, I thought of you today when I was doing my grocery shopping.

I’m busy too.  Yes, I work out of the house but I also homeschool two kiddos and have a full list of errands I have to run each week (in addition to other “fun” stuff I do that takes time like captaining the tennis team, leading Girl Scouts, etc….).

Point is, we’re all busy.  LIFE is busy.

BUT.  Clean eating, for me, is a priority.  I wanted to share some easy ideas and shortcuts to help make clean eating possible for my equally busy friends who think it’s too much work at this point in their life.

Download my complete free “CLEAN EATING SHOPPING GUIDE” here….for those that want to eat well but have limited time!

So….my busy people… are my top CLEAN EATING tips to help you out!

  1. GET OVER THE GUILT!! Just because YOU didn’t chop up that butternut squash doesn’t mean it’s any less healthy.
  2. USE the pre-cut, pre-diced, and pre-packaged WHOLE foods to your advantage.  Why not?  ESPECIALLY if you can buy things this way that you probably wouldn’t eat otherwise (i.e. – baby carrots for me, I eat em when they’re cut up and ready)
  3. Preferred order when buying fruits and veggies
    1. FRESH
    2. FROZEN
    3. CANNED
  4. If it has a label….READ it.  Do you know what each ingredient is? Do you have all of them in your cabinet so you could recreate the food if you needed to? If not….try to find a better alternative (or just do the best you can).
  5. Although buying fresh veggies is always the freshest and most nutritious option, keep a variety of frozen veggies and proteins in your freezer for those days, evenings, or weeks, where you haven’t made it to the store (it happens I know!)
  6. Buy individually frozen when possible.  I especially love this tip for chicken and fish!! The large bags at Costco make it easy to always have a simple protein to cook.  These are crazy easy to thaw – I just put in a ziplock baggie and place in a sink of cool water.  Less than 30 minutes and it’s thawed out and ready to cook.
  7. Keeping it simple is always the best option – the less sauces or recipe directions you have to follow….the faster it will be to throw together and the “cleaner” it will probably be as well.
  8. Have a couple easy tried and true recipes that you can throw together with the frozen ingredients on hand.  Again, this is how you set yourself up for success.
  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE frozen “steam in the bag” veggies like broccoli, cauliflower, peas, etc… you can even buy brown rice, quinoa pilaf.  I feel the variety of options is definitely getting better and better and ziplock now has a microwavable bag you can buy to quick steam fresh veggies in the microwave…say what??!!
  10. BATCH COOK  – this literally SAVES me each week.  Right this very second I have tupperware containers in my fridge with quinoa (cooked in vegetable broth) and pinto beans.  If I don’t have time to make dinner tonight or tomorrow I know I can pull out that, add a side salad and a protein for the hubs, and everyone will be happy.

BONUS: If this all seems like too much….too overwhelming.  Try working on one or two new things.  If you’re used to eating out every night then try to make just ONE new dinner each week. If you cook, but have unhealthy favorite recipes…try a couple simple clean eating veggie/protein dinners and see how it feels.  Maybe, try to batch cook a big pot of rice to use a couple times this week.  Any of these things would be something I would suggest if you were a private client of mine….it’s all about figuring out how to make it work based on your situation.

Download my entire CLEAN EATING SHOPPING LIST heredesigned to give you a list of easy things you can buy to help you stay on track with your healthy eating goals.

I have to say, one objection that may come to mind when reading my tips above….cost.  

It does cost more to buy things pre-chopped and more “ready to eat”.  This is a fact.  If it is cost prohibitive to you then I would tell you that batch CHOPPING and meal planning is even more important for you.  That is definitely the cheapest and easiest way for you to purchase veggies and proteins in bulk.  If you spend some time on the weekend chopping and bagging you can then freeze them for easy use.

It all depends on how much of a priority it is for you.  

I believe, when eating whole and real….you will FEEL better.  

You will BE healthier and your cravings and desires for the highly processed and low nutrition processed foods will naturally decrease.

If you could use more support or would like to hear how working with a Health Coach can help you make positive health changes in your life without dieting…set up your free Discovery Session with me here.

You can also join my FREE Facebook group here for weekly tips and inspiration (and ideas on how to use all your CLEAN EATING ingredients!).

You can do it.  I believe in you.

Love & Health,

PS – DOWNLOAD my Clean Eating Shopping List for the Busy Person here!

Here are some pictures that will show you the sort of things you can buy pre-chopped, packaged or diced that will make clean eating, when you’re busy….manageable!! I’m loving the variety of fresh produce from Trader Joe’s but even my local Publix has gotten so much better at having veggies already cut up.  Hey.  This ain’t the 50s where mom had all day to plan dinner and cook for her family.  We’re in busy times and we have to figure out how to make it work.

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