My “go to” (Clean Eating) grocery list…

(for busy people who want to eat well but have limited time!)


Short & sweet….that’s the theme this week….

Because, honestly….we’re in May,  and for me (and most of my mama friends) this season is just as crazy busy as December…..

So this email is one I am sending to simply provide you some relief.If you get stuck regularly without REAL food in the house you have a few options:

You COULD eat out every night….

You COULD order pizza or Chinese….

You COULD….not eat at all…. (not what most of us do 😂😂😂)

OR…you could download this grocery list.

If you can barely find time to get to the grocery store….much less meal plan or cook,

THIS is the answer you’ve been waiting for.
Print out (or save to your phone) my CLEAN EATING for BUSY PEOPLE Shopping List and you’ll see what staples I personally try to keep on hand.  Once you have the items on this list you’ll be able to throw something together…. FAST!
This list will help you stock your pantry and fridge with some healthy foods… so your family doesn’t starve to death 🙄.
A few other time-saving tricks for busy people:
✅ take advantage of the pre-cut, pre-sliced, and pre-washed fruit & veggie options
✅ FROZEN!! If you find you frequently have to throw out your fresh vegetables and berries….focus on buying some frozen items to keep on hand!
✅ what is your “go to” take-out that has a healthy option? Take some time to figure that out so when you’re pushed for time, at least you KNOW you can get a healthier option from your local restaurant.
✅ cook only once or twice (every night isn’t necessary)…but double what you would normally do and use the leftovers to create another version of dinner, with half the work (leftover protein, different vegetable, different sides….BOOM, different dinner!)
✅ CHOP once!! Cut up all the onions, or salad toppings….all at once.  If the cutting board is out, USE IT.  The “dry” vegetables will last several days so you won’t have to prep as much when you DO need to throw together a quick dinner.


(a clean eating shopping guide…so you don’t have to THINK)


Hope this guide helps you out as much as it does me – I had a client this week tell me it was a lifesaver when she went to the store this week (with no list, and no plan).  She just pulled it up on her phone and had a general guideline to help.

USE IT – it’s good stuff.

Love & Health,

“Those who think they have no time for healthy eating, will
sooner or later have to find time for illness”
 – Edward Stanley
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