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Clean Eating 101

I’m hosting my a “Clean Eating Challenge” this week and have been helping my group learn some basic CLEAN EATING tips.  I put together my BEGINNER tips and wanted to share here as well.

If you do nothing else, I think these TIPS will get you started for sure.

My theory, what I propose to people who are looking to get healthy “the right way” is to start here.  Start reading labels.  STOP using your weight as a way to gauge your success (or failures) and get back into the kitchen.

What you will find is your weight begins to change.  Your LIFE begins to change.  You will feel better, have more energy, and SEE the difference when the toxins are taken away and your body can DO what it is it’s designed to do.

Quit “trying” to do everything.  Quit “trying” to be perfect.  Focus on doing a few of the right things….forever.  Things you can see yourself doing for the long term.

THAT is how you make a lifestyle change.


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