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Sneaky tips to help you not overeat!

Let’s talk holidays.  Thanksgiving.  Turkey.  Desserts.Weight gain.Stress.Statistics are overwhelming when you look at how many people gain weight this time year….and then, when the New Year rolls around it takes them 60 days (SIXTY!!) to get BACK to where they were.No no no no no – this does not have to be you.I’m going to …

Detox vs Clean Eating….what’s the difference?

Well, it’s January and it’s time to get back in our groove right?

Routine.  Back to work.  School gets back in session.  Cold weather keeps us IN a little more than usual? Or maybe you’re hitting the gym in an effort to combat some of the eating and drinking you did over the past few weeks?

Well I have the perfect program to help you get started RIGHT in 2018!

Come do the 21-day Sugar Detox with us!

Most of my clients KNOW how to diet….let’s be honest, most of them have lost weight on diets many times before.

They’d rather do it the “right way” this time.

If that’s you, then THIS program is the exactly what you need.

No dieting.  Just a whole food program designed to kick those sugar & carb cravings to the curb.

I’ve had people ask me, is it better to do a “detox” or focus on “eating clean”?

Why not do both?

THAT IS EXACTLY what the 21DSD is all about!

Whole and real foods.
No calorie counting.
No crazy exercise requirements.
Gluten free, soy free and sugar free – very allergy friendly.

Essentially, we cut out sugars & processed foods for the three weeks.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach most of what I do is help my clients create a healthier lifestyle by focusing on clean eating, better meal planning & prep, learning to listen to their bodies, and eat more nutritionally dense foods…..all of this while living a normal (crazy, hectic, busy) life.

That is why the 21DSD totally appealed to me and why I chose to offer this “detox” for my clients.

Because when you “detox” correctly….there is NO DIFFERENCE between a “detox” and “clean eating”.  Beware of anyone that tells you otherwise.

I would never recommend any crazy detox programs that require you to take a ton of supplements, juice all day long, or live on lemon juice and cayenne pepper water (ACK….remember that one?).

Not for me.

Not for my clients.

No way.

The 21DSD is a WHOLE FOOD program.  It was designed to get you back on track with your clean eating goals, and RESET your tastebuds.

You WILL be amazed at how you feel after 21 days!


It will change your life.

Join us!


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how to begin an intuitive eating lifestyle…

If you’re like most people you’re definitely FEELING that holiday bloat and ickiness that happens after a couple/few weeks of eating more junk that usual.

Parties, drinks, family functions and STRESS tend to hit us all at once.

Trust me.  We all feel it.

It may be a good time to share a little more about how you can create a healthier INTUITIVE EATING lifestyle in 2018

(Or maybe you’re too stressed to deal? That’s OK too….I’ll share more in the coming weeks).

I promised I would lead you through the process I use with my private clients to help them begin to tune in to their bodies.

Before I go there let me remind you where I came from.
If you’ve been following me for any time at all then you probably remember….I used to be a weight loss coach.Like straight up.What do we eat (or not eat) to get the scale to GO DOWN?THAT was the total focus.

Did I believe it was helping people be healthy?  Sure.

Was I trying to help them learn how to eat better, move more and learn how to maintain that weight loss?


But one day I had an epiphany, it wasn’t really about weight and this tactic doesn’t really work.

Not forever.

Although the majority of Americans ARE overweight (60%+ actually), and will TELL you they don’t believe in dieting.  That is what they end up doing.  

But WHY?

It’s not because they want to.

It’s simply because, they don’t believe they know how to eat, much less lose weight…without a plan or diet.

That was me too. 😞

I was so “worried” about gaining back weight I had lost….I felt compelled to weekly weigh-ins, calorie/food counting, and quick bars or shakes to shave calories throughout the week so I could eat more on the weekends.


Once I started “unbelieving” everything I thought I knew about weight loss, weight maintenance and healthy eating (paleo anyone??)….

I had a breakdown.

If you don’t remember the whole story you can read more about it on my website <CLICK HERE>

The bottom line is, I FREAKED OUT.

I decided to take a year off of EVERYTHING.  Weight loss coaching, scale watching, calorie counting.

No more My Fitness Pal.
No more meal replacements.

I decided to just BE. 😳

And that’s when it happened.

I began to HEAR what it was my body was trying to tell me. 


Intuitive Eatingis a nutrition philosophy based on the premise that becoming more attuned to the body’s natural hunger signals is a more effective way to attain a healthy weight, rather than keeping track of the amounts of energy and fats in foods.


Intuitive eating means you allow your INSTINCTS to take over.

So what if you did that?

SCARY right??

That is what I’m proposing.

What if, in 2018, you decided to do the UNdiet diet. 

Now don’t get me wrong, learning to be healthy and lose weight using INTUITIVE EATING isn’t about eating any and everything.

It’s not about having a FREE TICKET to eat all the junk out there.

It’s actually the opposite.

It’s about being MORE mindful of everything you eat.

But it’s also about enjoying every. single. bite.

So here is some insight into my process and hopefully this will give you a place to start. I focus on the BASICS every single week, and when your my private client….we work hard to figure out how to make these things work in YOUR life.  Regardless, the goal is to build our healthier habits, and healthier way of life…for the long term.

Remember, if you don’t see yourself doing it two years from now…..

It’s a diet.

BEGIN with the BASICS:

  • water
  • movement
  • sleep
  • stress
  • breakfast
  • supplementation

5 STEPS to create your INTUITIVE EATING lifestyle:
Step 1: Make the decision
Step 2: Give yourself permission to eat….for at least 6 months.  Even better? A YEAR.
Step 3: It must be REAL FOOD. Commit to a period of time (2 weeks? 30 days? it’s different for everyone) where you eat UNLIMITED minimally processed and CLEAN.  Low to no sugars, whole & real foods.  How can we listen to our bodies if they are struggling to speak through the Diet Cokes, bagels and processed sandwich meats?  Guess what…they can’t.  Going through detox or cleanse is a necessary part of getting started with this new way of eating.
Step 4: Experimentation.  What does your body crave after you’ve completed a detox or cleanse of some sort? This is different for everyone but at this point you are able to HEAR more of what your body is asking for.
Step 5: Learn how to self-check.  How do you feel before you eat.  Halfway through. After.

Annnnndddd…..Circle back around to the basics again.  Where can you improve? What’s working…and what’s not?

Remember, this is a process.  You will mess up.  You will make mistakes.

It’s ok.

Is there more? Oh yes, it’s never as easy as “five steps to health” but as you begin to release all judgement around your food choices, and learn to honor and LISTEN to your hunger and fullness cues…..

Your body will begin to respond.

You will lose weight.

You will feel more satisfied.

It all works together.

Are you ready to be your healthiest self?

I’m offering a new 21day Sugar Detox group in a couple weeks.  This group is 100% VIRTUAL so you join us…..from the comfort of your own home.

Studies show that those who work with a Health Coach are more likely to have success.  Add in the accountability aspect of a group and you are sure to see results.

Not sure a group is for you? I offer more personal coaching options including a 60 & 90 day 1:1 coaching option to continue your success AFTER the 21 day Sugar Detox is complete.  Read more and sign up here:

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