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Hi friends - I'm going to tell you a secret.

That "diet" you are looking for to change your life?

It doesn't exist.

After years of coaching my clients to lose weight, gain energy and create health....I've discovered what works for the long term.

The secret is this. 

It's more about what you DO eat....than what you don't.

As dieters we've been programmed to cut, restrict, and deny ourselves of sugar, fats, carbs, name it and there is a diet that will help you do it.

And you will probably feel and see some immediate results by "cutting" out one or more of these things.

FACT: Until you learn how to eat "mostly" whole & real will continue to struggle.

Why? Because it is not reasonable to expect you to LIVE in a place where you will never again eat sugar, carbs or fat. 

It just doesn't make sense.

Are you expected to deny yourself of birthday cake....for life? Or bread? NO.

The reality is, having a more balanced approach to eating and health is what will help you lose weight and maintain it....forever.

I love the term "eat clean". I know I sometimes get asked "what does that mean?". So here is my defintion:

CLEAN EATING: Eating as close to the "source" as possible. Eating a wide variety of plant foods and including a healthy balance of carbs, healthy fats and protein at most meals. Clean eating means you eat minimal processed foods, chemicals and "food like" products and limit unhealthy sugars, simple carbs and unhealthy sweets. 

So this is where it begins. It's time to learn how to read a label. It's time to cut out some of the processed junk and simple sugars you've been eating. It's time to fill up your diet with nutritionally dense foods that balance you blood sugars and help you feel amazing.

Are your ready to start now? Are you looking for a simple solution you can implement immediately? 

That is where my 7-day Clean Eating Guide can help. 

This guide gives you (for free) a 7-day plan with recipes, tips, guidelines and ideas to get your new CLEAN EATING lifestyle started. 

I've seen amazing things happen when my clients choose to add more REAL FOOD into their diet. Inflammation subsides, weight begins to come off, and their energy and sleep all fall into place.

This is the NO EXCUSES plan to EAT CLEAN for one full week!

Download my FREE (FREE!) 7 - Day Clean Eating Guide.

You may know what clean eating is all about, but actually doing it? That's another story.

What if you had a simple guide to get the junk food out and the healthy food in...even if your schedule is packed?now! *

I know you have tons of info about healthy eating already. But how often are the clean snacks for work, the eight glasses of water per day, or the healthy recipe prep totally forgotten?

You can google and find a recipe for any program you want....but what you need is a plan to make it happen, right?

This 7-day "Eat Your Way HEALTHY" Clean Eating Guide comes with everything you need to jump-start your healthy eating routine, regardless of how much time you DON’T have.

E-guide will arrive in your inbox immediately!

What the heck IS "CLEAN EATING" anyways?  

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When you sign up for this guide what will you get?

  • My 25-page e-guide loaded with tips for clean eating & a healthy mindset
  • Includes 16 delicious, easy to prepare recipes you and your family will LOVE
  • A suggested shopping list to save you tons of time at the store
  • A suggested meal plan guide for breakfast, lunch, and dinner so you don’t have to wonder what to prepare
  • My "Daily Clean Eating" AND "Clean Eating On the Go" Checklists, to print out and post on the fridge or in the office so you can stay on track!

The eGuide will arrive in your inbox immediately.

Who is Coach Angela?

Coach Angela B has been in the Health Coaching world for over 8 years. Initially she coached for weight loss, but after seeing her weight loss clients gain back weight and return again (over and over and over) she decided to change her approach to health & weight. How could she best guide her clients to long-term health? Is it possible to lose weight on a diet and maintain it for life?  

Sure. But studies have shown it doesn't usually happen this way.  

So after years of weight loss coaching she decided to make a change. She attended Institute for Integrative Nutrition where she learned and studied about hundreds of dietary theories. It was there she began to really understand the relationship between nutrition & disease. It was also when she learned about how much our food, misconceptions about diets, and how the unhealthy relationship that most people have with the scale and their weight has truly hurt the health of our nation... and hurt the health of our families.  

She is now on a mission to empower others to improve their own health using whole foods, education, clean eating and an intuitive mindset around food. She has developed and implemented group and private programs and has seen amazing results when helping her clients focus on a higher quality and more nutritionally dense diet. Although weight loss isn't the focus of her programs, there is no denying the impact of weight on health, so there is always discussion about how to do this in the healthiest way possible. She enables her clients to learn how to make choices that serve their goals while also taking into consideration the many other aspects that affect our health and overall wellbeing.  

In Coach Angela's world there are no "good" or "bad" foods. There are no "cheat days" and there is no "falling off the wagon"....because you are always ON when it comes to healthy eating and lifestyle.  

Life needs to be healthy every. single. day. Is it hard? Yes, sometimes. We live in a country where everyone is busy and everything that is "easy & fast" unhealthy. That being said, you can choose health. And, over time, it gets easier and easier and the choices become clear and simple. In addition, with Coach Angela's guidance, you will learn tools and tips to make living healthy as simple as possible.  

I'm ready to start eating clean